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VPN Security, Company X

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SMARTnet Service

SMARTnet helps an increasing number of our customers who are in great demand for IT staff direct, anytime access to Cisco engineers, the Technical Assistance Center (TAC), and an extensive range of online resources. You, as a customer, will receive fast, expert technical support, flexible hardware coverage, and smart, personalized capabilities to help you resolve critical network issues.

SMART Foundation

The Cisco Smart Foundation Service provides the support that your businesses need to maintain network reliability and minimize business disruption.
Most Popular Technical Services Projects

VPN and Network Security

Demand for fast, easy and secure access to corporate resources from everywhere: homes, wireless at work, airports, hotel rooms, coffee shops, and guest networks is increasing. Corporations with more than one office locations or with employees who are working remotely can have VPN installed with built in network security.

LAN, Wireless and Access Point Setup

It’s an inevitable trend for companies to go Wireless or use WiFi these days. Most of our customers who have installed wireless over WAN/LAN have seen growth in productivity, an increase in communication efficiency, as well as mobility.